Counselling Appointments and Pricing

Your mental health and well-being are my top priority. Below, you’ll find transparent details about my pricing structure designed to make quality counselling accessible to everyone.

Counselling Appointments will be scheduled for a time that suits the client.  I am flexible in appointment times and can offer evening appointments if needed.

I offer a choice of time focused or a time extended counselling session. Long term therapeutic support is also available. This choice is made in collaboration with the client after a conversation on their goals and objectives.

Appointments are usually an hour in duration.

While we do not directly bill insurance, we provide documentation for you to seek reimbursement.

Your mental health is invaluable. Investing in counselling is an investment in your well-being, personal growth, and the quality of your life. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to access quality mental health support, and we are committed to working with you to make it possible.

Manage & Deal with Life’s Difficult Times

Support Tailored to Each Client’s Individual Needs

Over 30 Years Experience
and Qualified Counsellor

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Any information provided is kept strictly confidential.